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Why We Do What We Do

Real Financial Advice for Real People

We often get asked, “What stocks do you like?” or, “Is now a good time to put money in the market?” and to those questions we say, “We Don’t Know” because those are not refined strategies and, in our humble opinion, not the way to manage someone’s life savings.

What We Are

We will use a defined asset allocation based on your risk assessment

We believe in diversification with regularly scheduled rebalancing

We utilize a disciplined, rules-based methodology to take the emotion out of investing

We use a Dual Momentum strategy that applies relative strength to sector rotations, which allows us to identify momentum in an attempt to create alpha (excess returns relative to the benchmark)

We will typically implement our philosophy using low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and/or mutual funds

What We Are Not

We cannot predict, influence, or control the financial markets

We do not attempt to time the markets

We do not engage in short-term speculative trading

We are not stock-pickers or stock-jockeys

And you definitely won’t find us up at 6:00am to spend all day watching stock tickers