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Why We Do What We Do

Your Journey to Financial Success

After we’ve had a chance to get to know each other and discuss your goals and expectations, we’ll ask if you would like to move forward with our firm.

If you do decide to become part of the NHWM family, this is what your journey of becoming a client will look like:

1. The Discovery Process

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What are your main concerns?

  • Goals, dreams, family legacy?

  • Gather Financial Data and Asset Information

2. Financial Check-Up

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation

  • Assess your comfort zone for downside risk and upside gain (risk tolerance) 

  • Compare your current investment strategy, along with your risk tolerance, and financial goals to see if they are aligned

3. Comprehensive Wealth Management Recommendations

  • We will discuss your current financial strengths and weaknesses

  • Offer recommended solutions to reach your goals with the highest probability of success

4. Client Onboarding and Strategy Deployment

  • Complete documentation to open and transfer accounts

  • Develop your personal written financial plan

  • Implement our comprehensive long-term financial strategy

5. Check Point Reviews:

  • Ongoing monitoring and review of investment management

  • Regular adjustments and updates of changes in financial status

  • Track progress towards financial goals