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Business Owners

Who We Work With

Business owners are a different breed. They risk everything for an opportunity to build something bigger than themselves.

As a business owner you have an entirely different set of financial challenges than a salaried employee. The majority of your wealth is tied into the business, your financial responsibility goes beyond you and extends to your employees, and you often need to make financial decisions in areas that are unfamiliar. This is why working with an experienced advisor is crucial to your success. 

Why Business Owners Choose Newport Harbor Wealth Management:


Our experience is our strength. We act as your sounding board for ideas, can provide cost comparisons for employee benefits, and give you insights on corporate tax strategies.  


100% of your focus should be on running, growing, and managing your business. We are proactive in managing your financial life and handling employee questions about your company retirement plan to save you time.


We have developed relationships with all types of businesses and can easily refer you to a high-quality service provider for your business.


We are happy to work alongside your CPA, business advisor, attorney, or anybody else you give us permission to, so we can complete projects for you without you having to be at every meeting or on every phone call. We also won’t charge you extra for it!