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Company Retirement Plans

Who We Work With

We Want You to Retire Happy

So you have a company retirement plan….. I’m sure it’s great….. But could it be better?....... Could you save your company and your employees more money?....... Could you benefit from a more hands-on financial advisor?

Think about it….when’s the last time you reviewed your plan, if ever?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. If you’re like most people, you probably begrudgingly implemented a retirement plan years ago and haven’t looked at it since. Let us give you a free retirement plan analysis…

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Our "Sweet Spot" of Retirement Plan Clients

5 to 50 Employees

$1 Million - $10 Million in Assets

*We work with plans outside of this range on a case-by-case basis

Top 3 Reasons To Review Your Plan:

  1. EMPLOYEE LAWSUITS – This isn’t meant to scare you, but it’s true. When you establish a retirement plan for your employees it implies you know what you’re doing and you’re looking out for their best interests; you’re now a fiduciary. And if you don’t perform this responsibility, you open yourself up to lawsuits from employees who may see it as being irresponsible with their money.

  1. CHANGE IN EMPLOYEES – Has the number of employees shifted since you began the plan? Have salaries changed, or participation and contribution rates? All of these items can impact how much owners and highly compensated employees contribute. It also can greatly affect the total costs of the plan.

  1. CHANGE IN BUSINESSIf your business has grown significantly, added new partners, or needs to increase maximum contributions, it may be time to reevaluate your plan. Your plan should allow for some flexibility while also minimizing regulatory compliance issues.

The 4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan Review:

  1. INVESTMENTS – How many funds are in your plan? Are there too many or not enough? Are the choices enough to create a balanced portfolio? Your plan should contain top-performing, low-cost, diversified investments representing all of the major asset classes. To see an example of the investment analysis we perform, please click on the icon below:

NHWM Sample 401K review

  1. FEESThe fees for a retirement plan can be abundant and you want to work with an advisor who knows how to keep expenses low. You could be dealing with administration fees, recordkeeping fees, participant fees, custodial/trustee fees, fund investment management fees, fund 12b-1 fees, fund sales loads, fund redemption fees, asset management fees, and many others. You should choose a 401(k) service provider that best fits the profile of your company in order to keep costs at a minimum.

  1. PLAN DETAILSThere are many different decisions you will need to make when implementing your plan and a good advisor will be able to assist you with these. When should employees be eligible? Are loans allowed? Should we include a Roth option? When can employees make allocation changes? What should the vesting schedule be? Make sure to address these details before changing plans.

  1. PLAN DESIGNThe plan design should be flexible but also allow the business owners to save as much as possible while remaining compliant. In some cases, a Safe Harbor plan may be the way to go. In other situations, it may be more suitable to implement a Defined Benefit Plan. Your advisor should know which design is best for your company.