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Physicians & Dentists

Who We Work With

Let Us Take Care of Your Financial Health

Dentists, Surgeons, Optometrists, and other medical professionals share a unique set of circumstances that requires a financial advisor with experience in working with people in the medical field.

Whether you are private practice or belong to a medical group, you most likely share these...

Common Financial Challenges:


At some point in your career you’ll have a very high annual income. Higher incomes mean higher taxes, and we’ll make sure that every aspect of your financial life is working together to save you more.


$183,000….that’s the average balance of medical school debt for graduates. Not only can we assist you with debt repayment analyses but we’ll also review what repayment programs are available to you.


Of course, malpractice insurance is a given, but you also need to prepare for other types of risk with disability insurance and business entity formation to separate your personal life from your business life.


We’ve seen it happen a number of times. A doctor is making hundreds of thousands of dollars in income but still has no assets to show for it. You never know how long your career is going to be so we’ll help you with a budgeting plan to ensure you’re not living outside of your means.


Dentists and doctors typically have shorter timeframes to save for retirement due to the extra years of medical training. This means that planning for retirement is even more crucial and needs to begin right away. We can help you create a retirement savings plan and monitor it to make sure you’re on track.

Retirement financial analysis

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