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Quality over Quantity

We are selective and you should be too

Who We Work With

We work with Orange County California business owners

Business Owners

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We work with California business retirement plans

Company Retirement Plans

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We work with Southern California medical professionals

Physicians & Dentists

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We work with retired and retiring individuals in California


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We are selective in who we work with because we strive to have deeper, more collaborative client relationships. In other words, we want to make as great of a difference in our clients’ lives as possible. We believe we have the best clients in the world, and we want the people we work with to be overjoyed with the services they receive.

In general, we look for the following qualities in our clients:

  • Dedicated to self-improvement; teachable and coachable

  • Serious about a long-term partnership

  • Goal-Oriented

  • Would like to free up time to focus on what matters – family, career, and personal interests

  • A desire to improve their financial situation, and willingness to communicate openly about it

  • There is a personality fit and reciprocating communication

  • Embraces our investment philosophy